Experience of use Brilliance SF

Experience from Camilla from France

Hello. Today I will share with you my problem solver which caused me great discomfort. The solution to this problem will be relevant for everyone, since skin aging can not be avoided.

What Brilliance SF cream is for and how I found out about it

Skin before using Brilliance SF

Brilliance SF is my salvation. This is a good anti-aging cream. With age, the structure of the skin deteriorates, which is a normal process. I will attach a photo showing his condition.

In general, this cream is essential for rapid rejuvenation of the dermis, both externally and internally.

People wrote in reviews that it really is very effective. The product eliminates not only wrinkles but also age-related pigmentation.

How did I find out about this drug?

is ​​simple. I went to my cosmetologist, whom I had been going to for 2 years. My doctor has vast work experience and I trust him. It was he who advised me to use Brilliance SF cream because he uses it himself. Then I ordered this product.

How to use the cream, use

It is very easy to apply the cream. It only took me 2-3 minutes.

First, I applied it to the skin to remove impurities. Sometimes this was done with special cosmetics, sometimes only with soap. No matter how you clean your dermis from dirt, the result, as promised, will be in any case.

After cleansing, I took the cream and applied it on the dry skin of the face. I did this with stinging movements.

Effect after using Brilliance SF cream

My result after completing the course.

The result was shocking. I have heard that the product will have an effect because I trust my cosmetologist, but I did not think it would change the skin so radically.

All improvements can be seen in the photo. All wrinkles are gone, even deep! As if there was no pigmentation. The face became clean and well-groomed. Everyone started making compliments and said they were 5 years younger, the skin structure had also changed a lot. He stopped moving. The skin has softened, now the face is much cleaner.

Does this drug work?

If you believe my cosmetologist's positive reviews and recommendations and my own result, it works. As it turned out, the drug is really very effective and you can freely recommend it to your friends. It does not cause allergies or side effects.